TEVWEB Marketing & Explore Niche Places

Share Your Story & Increase Your Following

Evergreen Marketing Material  Beautiful Custom Photography  Engaging Content

TEVWEB Marketing & Explore Niche Places

Share Your Story & Increase Your Following

Evergreen Marketing Material, Beautiful Custom Photography and Engaging Content

How Does This Work?

Learn why an experiential marketing review with commercial photography is a great way to augment your online marketing strategy!

What is Explore Niche Places?

Explore Niche Places is a beautiful and informative lifestyle blog that showcases unique lifestyle and tourism brands with beautiful custom photography and engaging social content.

The content is designed to inspire your target audience so they will want to experience your brand.

How does it work?

I bring my expertise and professional photography equipment to your business and capture your space, product, and staff. I also experience your product or service and learn the unique story behind your brand. 

Then, I produce a beautiful informative feature designed to engage your target audience and take them on a journey. It will pique their curiosity so they will want to spend money with you.

What's included in the feature?

The feature includes custom professional photos tailored to your business plus an experiential marketing review. The feature is designed to connect you with your target audience and inspire them to spend their money with you.

The full feature with images will be posted on the Explore Niche Places website for people to read and share. It will also be shared and boosted on its social media channels. Share it on yours too!

You will also get ten photos (resized and optimized for the web) of your choice to use in your own social media advertising. 

What is the value to my business?

First off, professional custom photos build trust in your brand. There’s no smoke and mirrors. People can see what you have to offer so can make a more informed and inspired buying decision. We will discuss your photo requirements before the shoot so you get the images you need.

Furthermore, this is valuable third-party content that goes a long way with readers. People get tired of hearing businesses say they’re great. It becomes white noise after a while. 

With Explore Niche Places, readers learn about your business from a “customer perspective” and can imagine themselves in the experience.

I advertise the feature on the Explore Niche Places website and boost it on its social media channels. The feature is always available for people to read and share. You can share the feature with your own audience as well!

Do I get photo rights?

With the feature you will get single-use image rights to ten photos. That means you can use them just in your social media advertising but as often as you like. If you are curious about multi-use and exclusive rights packages, contact me for more information!

How much does it cost?

That depends on what you need. For an average photoshoot including ten images with a single-use license for social media advertising, the feature costs $447. 

Some businesses have special lighting and staging needs for product and food. Other businesses don’t require any special staging or lighting at all other than a nice sunny day.

Another thing to consider is your photo requirements. How many photos do you need and what kind of usage rights? Do you need them just for social media or also for your website and print advertising?

Some businesses require more extensive coverage than others too, so I always like to talk about the project with them before quoting.

Learn more about what’s involved in producing a feature below!

Social Content For Lifestyle Brands

Online marketing is a must if you want to convert visitors into leads and customers. Your competition knows that too. You need to stand out like a beacon! Show your consumers the human side of your business with a third-party experiential review and custom professional photography.

Share. Boost. Increase Your Following.

Showcase your unique business with highly-shareable and evergreen marketing material that engages your target audience. 

Do You Have A Niche Place?

If you are a lifestyle brand that has tapped into a cool niche, you may be a perfect fit for Explore Niche Places, a lifestyle blog that features amazing niche places on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. Get a custom photography shoot of your space, product and staff and be featured in a lifestyle blog.

Custom Commercial Photography For Online Marketing

Not a lifestyle brand but  interested in commercial photography?

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