Up The Sheer Covid Cliff

The spring of 2020 will go down in the history books, that’s for sure. None of us expected a spring like this. I sure as heck didn’t, not even in early March. Back then Covid-19 didn’t sound as ominous as it does now. It’s inching much closer to home. It has spread quickly throughout the world and now here we are, all of us self-isolating into an uncertain future during the first of perhaps two or maybe three waves of the outbreak. But, who really knows? None of us do. So, we prepare for the unknown.

One thing that has become clear is that we need to evolve and be able to do business online. It’s time to figure it out if we’re not.

We need to keep climbing that mountain towards success even though it has suddenly morphed into a sheer cliff. Either that or we wait it out until the crisis passes.

Climb or Wait It Out?

Doing business might not be easier after this is over. We will have a lot less money and the world’s “normal” will have evolved. Furthermore our competition may be sitting at the top having been equipped with the right gear during the crisis – creativity and ideas powered by action in the face of uncertainty, and, of course, some money.

Sometimes out of a crisis comes an opportunity to pull ahead of the competition. We need to seek out that silver lining. It’s there. Let’s look at some examples.

Some Great Examples

Take Kellogg’s cereal brand. They continued to pour money into marketing during World War 2 and introduced K-rations to soldiers. They also focused on developing a “healthier” whole-grain cereal we know as Kellogg’s Raisin Bran. I’m sure it wasn’t easy, but they found a way to climb the cliff and survive challenging economic times.

A coffee shop in California called Bear Coast Coffee who normally operates as a cafe, now sells their lavender caramel syrup online. And, instead of making their popular avocado toast for customers in-shop, they now sell Avocado Toast Kits online and deliver! They found a way to climb the cliff. Customers can continue to enjoy their Bear Coast Coffee favourites.

A local business in Victoria, B.C., Robinson’s Outdoors, now has their inventory online. They are shipping products to their customers’ doorsteps free of charge during our self-isolation phase. They are making it possible for clients to still get what they need. Plus their efforts are giving their outdoor-loving customers hope and something to look forward to when this is all over. Robinson’s will likely stick in their customers’ minds!

Another example is Village Butcher. They have communicated with their customers that they are still open and committed to providing a safe environment. I was able to help them communicate detailed information with their customers by adding a pop up and an information bar linked to a simple contact form.

These businesses have found a way to climb the cliff and are communicating how they are continuing to do business with their customers. By adapting their businesses to the new normal they will continue to thrive during this difficult economic crisis.

You can do it too! Perhaps you have found your own way to evolve with the current situation and to communicate with customers. Please leave a comment and let us know what you’re doing.

Simple Ideas To Market Your Business:

Firstly, it’s important that your customers know your current status.

If your website hasn’t changed, people won’t know for sure if you’re really open or not. Big change has happened to them so they will expect that big change has happened to you too.

Let your customers know what’s changed for you! They will be looking for ways to shop on line.

1. Add A Simple Animated Information Bar

Communicate your current status with your customers with a simple animated information bar. I can help you do it! You can even have a wiggly button that encourages them to take action.

Check out the information bar that I put up on Village Butcher’s website. It communicates to their customers that they are still open and it encourages them to email or call their orders in. Click the button and a simple contact form comes up.

2. A Pop Up

A pop up is another great way to attract attention to your new products or online ordering and delivery service. People will be thankful that your new information was that easy to find.

Check these out! Here’s a pop-up that I made for Village Butcher that spans across the bottom of the page. Here’s another one that Bear Coast Coffee put up to let their customers know what’s new. Here’s another example, Stonefire Grill.

Communicating what you’re doing with a pop-up will prevent your customers from assuming that you’re closed when you’re still open!

3. An Online Store

If you normally display your products online but haven’t yet tried selling online, perhaps it’s time.

Here is how Bear Coast Coffee is selling products on their website. It’s a basic online shop but it does the trick. It doesn’t have to be fancy right now. You just need to make it possible for your customers to continue buying from you. You can always enhance your shop later.

In Summary

Change is happening very quickly right now. Get creative like these businesses have. Find your silver lining and climb that cliff!

Communicate your changes with your customers on your website and on social media. They will be looking online for places to get their needs met.

Implementing these three website strategies including an information bar, pop up, and an online store will help your customers continue to do business with you. That’s a win-win!

I can help you. Get in touch!