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Niche places on Vancouver Island

Soon to be a stand-alone blog, Niche Places Vancouver Island — the design is in the works! — will showcase small businesses on Vancouver Island that have tapped into a really cool niche.

It’s no secret that Vancouver Island is a tourist destination. At Niche Places VI, visitors can read about neat places to go so they can enhance their time spent on the Island while shopping, eating and experiencing the best of Vancouver Island. At the same time, small businesses gain exposure! It’s a win-win!

Posted by Tania | 28 January 2019
Sweet Delights in Oak Bay Village

From creative gift baskets made at the store to an assortment of festive, yummy and nostalgic treats and stuffed animals, there is something for everyone at Sweet Delights, even for those with food sensitivities. They also carry a variety of sugar-free, gluten-free, peanut-free...

Posted by Tania | 22 January 2019
Village Butcher & The Whole Beast

Village Butcher and The Whole Beast, with their warmly-lit and slightly old-fashioned ambience, has the right touch of modern. I feel both at home and confident that these people are top notch in their knowledge, preparation and storage of meat products...

Posted by Tania | 04 December 2016
Five Big Breakfasts & One Small Belly

Imagine, you’re sitting in a restaurant and a waiter places five delicious breakfast dishes in front of you, including one gigantic bowl that would convince any meat-lover that they’d died and gone to Heaven. Additionally, you get two hot, frothy cappuccinos – one with a heart on top – a cold orange juice and a...

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