Why Cheapest Isn’t Always Best

It’s true. You can use any hosting provider to make your website live. However, the cheapest option isn’t always the best.

At most, cheap hosting puts you online. However, it will likely lack website security and load times may be slow. Back-ups will be up to you to do as will core WordPress, theme and plugin updates.

Cheap hosting might leave you with more of a headache than it’s worth.

Furthermore, slow website load times directly affect your ability to rank well in search engines. Google has indicated that page speed is a ranking factor used by its algorithm.

Pages that take too long to load also adversely affect the user experience. These sites tend to have a higher bounce rate. That means visitors are not sticking around to see the great things that you have to offer. What a waste of potential conversions!

What is Web Hosting?

I always use the analogy of real estate when I explain the relationship between hosting, a website, and the domain name.

Just like you need property to build a house on, you need hosting to build a website on. The domain name is essentially the address where users will find your website.

In a nutshell, hosting is the server where all of your website files are stored. It is what allows you to publish your website on the internet. The server runs 24/7 without interruption so that your website is available to view on the web at all times.

Your host is responsible for maintaining the server, protecting it from malicious attacks, updating software and hardware, troubleshooting, and transferring your website content from the server to your visitor’s browsers. There is quite a lot that goes into it.

Why You Need An SSL Certificate

Nowadays, it’s important to have an SSL certificate. If you don’t have one, you’ll know. Look in the top left of your computer screen beside your domain name. Does it say “Not Secure”?

If it does, then you don’t have an SSL certificate. The “Not Secure” message indicates that the connection to your web page is not secure.

More specifically it warns that information sent and received is not protected and is vulnerable to being stolen by hackers and other information-gathering entities. This may prevent visitors from trusting your website.

Why Is Web Security Important?

The number of hackers is on the rise. Forbes says that on average 30,000 new websites are hacked every day. Many of these are small businesses that don’t even know they are infected.

Hackers are very efficient these days. It’s all automated. Bots scour the web looking for websites with vulnerabilities where they can plant their malicious code.

In other words, you don’t need to be a large company to be a target. Everyone is a target, even a personal blog or a small business website. A hacker’s goal is to infect and spread their malicious code in any way they can. 

I’ve witnessed the havoc that malware planted in a website can wreak. Someone I know was infected. When visitors clicked on links, unrelated advertisements popped up instead of the intended content. And what’s worse, they were locked out of their website and couldn’t fix it. Luckily they had a backup and didn’t lose the entire site. And, yes, they invested in better hosting after that which included website security.

Choosing the right hosting service will ensure that your website data is protected and not exposed to cyber criminals. 

Plugin, Theme, and Core WordPress Updates

Updating your plugins, theme, and core WordPress files is a fairly simple process, however, some can be nervous to press that update button. I get it. It feels like the point of no return and sometimes can be if you’re not using a child theme. 

But it must be done! Otherwise you’re leaving a backdoor open for hackers to come in and plant their malicious code. Regularly updating your files gives them one less way to get in.

What’s better than doing it yourself is when your host does it for you. Then you can rest knowing that it’s all taken care of and you can focus on what you do best, your business!

Backing Up Your Site

If you haven’t invested in daily back-ups already you definitely should. What happens if something goes sideways with your website like in the case above? You could get hacked or even delete something you didn’t intend to. If this happens what’s your back up plan? Pardon the pun.

Daily backups give you peace of mind that if something goes wrong, your precious content isn’t lost. All you need to do is have your hosting provider restore your website to the previous day’s version.

Reliable Tech Support

When things go awry, trying to solve the issues on your own can be daunting and make you want to tear your hair out.

For this reason, you need a quick, reliable, and saavy tech support team in your corner. It’s important for your business that your website runs fast and efficiently with minimal downtime.

In Summary

It’s important for your business and to your online visitors’ user experience that you have fast, efficient and secure hosting with a tech support team that has your back when things go sideways.

Don’t just pick the cheapest option. You’ll end up paying way more in headaches, and maybe even in heartbreak should your beautiful blog or website go past the point of no return. You need hosting that you can trust.

Contact me for more information about fast and efficient web hosting services in the cloud that includes daily back-ups, an SSL certificate, website security, and core WordPress, theme and plugin updates.