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Be authentic and build trust in your brand with custom commercial photography!

Be Authentic & Convert Visitors Into Customers

Professional photos of your store, staff, tour, or products to support your business are important in this age of social media and internet marketing. They capture authenticity which builds trust in your brand. The quality of your images speaks to the quality of your product.

Photography Experience

Professional photography for marketing is huge nowadays when everyone is scrolling social media feeds and looking online for products and services. Great photos make a big difference! And, yes, I charge for photos, I don’t accept just credit. Here’s why…


I have over 15 years of photography experience and have spent countless hours in courses and workshops, as well as time out in the lifestyle and tourism field producing high-quality content for Tourism and businesses.

Professional Gear

I use professional camera gear including a Nikon D750, four lenses for different photographic purposes, a flash system and diffuser, screw-on photo filters, a tripod, and more to capture exactly what my clients need.

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Editing Software

I use professional editing software including Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to give photos that eye-catching pop and to correct imperfections such as lens distortion, spots, and distractions.

Individual Tourism & Lifestyle Photos

I get it! I hear it a lot and it makes me happy. You love the photos I take of your business and I love that you love my photos. That’s awesome! Let’s make it a win-win for both of us. We both have businesses to run after all! You can now buy individual photos for your marketing. 

You Love a Photo

You’ve seen a photo on my Instagram feed that you absolutely love. You want it for a future promotion, your website, or for a print brochure. You can now buy it for $100 + GST without having to arrange a photoshoot! 

Contact Me

First, message or phone me with the image in mind. I will prepare the high-resolution image file and send it to you after payment is made. I accept e-transfer. I don’t currently accept credit cards. Soon, I hope!

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Photo Deliverables

Once payment is made, I will send you the high-resolution image file via e-mail or DropBox if there are many. You are now free to use the image in your social media, web, and print advertising.

Tourism & Lifestyle Photo Shoots for Social Media, Web, and Print Use

Get a custom photography shoot of your space, product and staff. Choose the package that best fits your needs and marketing budget. Conditions apply for print use.

Work With Me!

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