Commercial Photography

The importance of good quality photography

I can’t stress enough how important good quality photography is for a commercial website. We’ve all heard the saying, “one picture says a thousand words,” right? It’s true. A good quality photo says a lot about the success of a business from the perspective of a potential customer. A bad quality photo can have a similar impact.

For this reason, it’s worth having someone come in to take some good quality photos of your store, staff and products to support your business. In the day and age of wide-spread advertising through social media marketing, you’ve got a lot of competition. Furthermore, your website is essentially your online storefront.

Pictures tell a story

A series of photos can also tell a story, especially when used as part of a blog post. I go into small niche businesses where I observe, interview employees, and photograph the space, staff and products. Then I put together a well-crafted blog post.

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