Creative Photography

Making a statement

For this photography project, I showcased photos of what people litter inside an old window frame, which had been discarded along the Mission dikes. I picked up the window frame thinking partly what a good find and partly why can’t people discard things properly? So there sparked the idea. The original project had curtains that you could either draw together to hide the problem — out of sight, out of mind — or you could keep them open and acknowledge it.

A Silo Collage

At the time I created this photo collage project, I was interested in old farm buildings. I chose to showcase these silos in black and white to bring out the details and shadows. I didn’t want the natural colours to distract from the subject.

Joiner Photography

In this fun class project, I needed to take a series of photos that were parts of the same scene and then put them together in Photoshop to form the entire scene. This was of my favourite old candy store in Matsqui Village when I lived in the Fraser Valley.