Shop: Tania Veitch Tourism Photography

Mini Shoot


There are times when businesses need to capture a small single promotion. No problem! I will consult with you ahead of time to learn the details of what you need. Then, I will come to you with the appropriate camera and lens combo to get the job done quickly. You’ll have me for 30 minutes.

You will receive 12 high resolution edited images with multi-use licence to use in your social media, web, and print marketing.

* Official photographer of Oliver Tourism. You will be promoted on Oliver Tourism social media channels!

The Mini Shoot Session includes:

  • Pre-shoot consultation
  • 30-minute photoshoot
  • Product staging and lighting
  • Post photoshoot image sorting
  • Colour correction and editing in Lightroom and Photoshop
  • Online image preparation for client viewing
  • Includes 6 high-res edited images!
  • Multi-use license for social media, web, and print use
  • Businesses in the Oliver Tourism region get promoted on their social media channels!

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