Port McNeill Chiropractic

As Port McNeill Chiropractic was a new practice my client had a limited budget for a website and logo design. I worked within his budget to create this eye-catching design.

This is an example of the Three Ducks Deal which includes a one-page scroll website, blog, and logo. 

One Page Scroll

One page scroll designs are a fantastic way to lead people through the website with a main navigation at the top. When a menu item is clicked, the visitor is taken to the corresponding section of the landing page. 

My client is an active person and often deals with sports and work-related injuries. He wanted a site that reflected the types of clients that he treats. 


Blogs are excellent for SEO and advertising.

Blog posts are essentially new content for Google Bots to index. The more posts you create, the more the bots return to index your site. This is also a great place to plant keywords!

Furthermore, this is shareable material on social media platforms like Facebook where you can also Boost posts to give the content more exposure. 

Logo Design

I work closely with a graphic designer who specializes in logo design. We worked with Dr. Barker to create a clean and attractive logo that represents the area that his practie is located. It was important to him that his logo was different from typical chiropratic logos that include a spine for example.


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