Spring is just around the corner. That means it’s time to sweep those dust bunnies out of the corners and declutter your winter nest. Open your doors and windows and let the breeze sweep the stale air away. Slip on a pair of garden gloves and plant seeds that will grow into a beautiful abundant garden!

Spring is a time of renewal. It inspires renewal!

For this reason, spring is also an excellent time to freshen up your website and online presence in preparation for the upcoming tourist season. People are planning now for their summer getaways and are likely shopping around for ideas online. And if they haven’t yet, well, a great photo that pops up on a social media feed can trigger that process.

The Wickaninnish Inn in Tofino, BC

Show Customers The Best You

You wouldn’t advertise your business with the same old dusty photos that you have in the past, would you? No, of course not! That’s old news. You need to entice them with new photos of what you’re doing now.

_TVP6996The Pointe Restaurant in Tofino, BC

_TVP8459The Crab Cookout (The Pointe Restaurant) on Chesterman Beach

After all, you wouldn’t re-post images of the things you did years ago on your personal social media channels. Well, unless you’re reminiscing about the good old days but typically people share the new and exciting things they’re doing, right? And if you’re looking to grow and attract customers you need to show them what’s up now.

Inspire Your Customers With Fresh Content

Your business has likely evolved since last year, just like you have, so show it on your website and social media channels. And I’m not saying to simply snap a few cell phone shots and upload them. Be thoughtful about the content you put out to your customers.

_TVP4329The Village Butcher in Oak Bay, BC

Consider investing in a professional photographer who has professional gear and editing software. They should also have a good understanding of light, composition, product staging, and of course their camera’s capabilities and settings.

Benefits of Professional Custom Photography

Investing in professional photography reflects the quality of your product and that is just what your customers are looking for.

Freshening up your website and social media channels with new photos, and even a blog, will help you engage more meaningfully with your target customers. Furthermore, users will visit a website more often when they expect change. So will Google bots!

_TVP2537A RedCan Gourmet & Tofino Kombucha Picnic in Tofino, BC

Here are some benefits of investing in professional custom photography:

  • Custom photos make a favourable first impression of your business.
  • They connect you with your customers and build trust in your brand.
  • They can inspire people to make a buying decision from the heart.
  • A series of photos on your website or in a blog post tells an engaging story about your business.

It’s worth the investment and, besides, it’s a business write-off. In the end, you will have a library of fresh beautiful new photos to entice your customers with. And that’s a must in this competitive online world of advertising.

So, get in touch with me and let’s set up a spring-cleaning photoshoot!

Chocolate Tofino gelato