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Build you a great website

Your website should accurately capture the essence of what you stand for and who you are as a business. The quality of your website and online presence will determine how your visitors perceive the quality of your business. It’s important that your website is clean, organized and visually appealing, as well as responsive and optimized for search engines. After all, people use the internet as they used to use the phone book.

Optimize for search engines

SEO is important in order for your website to rank well in search engines. During the design process, I set your site up with a content strategy, image optimization, tags, keywords and internal links. Your website will also be submitted to Google so that it is indexed faster. Other website design elements such as a blog (to increase the number of pages being indexed) can be incorporated too. That’s just the beginning!

Deliver high-quality photos

In the same way that you put your best face forward in an interview, you should also display the highest quality images of your product or service on your website. First impressions are everything. Rather than use stock photos, your images should capture your staff, your products, and what you do. It’s personable and builds trust. In turn, you will have a better chance of converting that visitor into a customer.

Write Engaging Blog Posts

Writing a blog not only delivers exciting news about your business, but it’s important for SEO. Running a business is time-consuming and creating engaging blog posts can seem daunting. Let me develop blog posts for you! I will come to you with my top-notch camera gear and photograph your store and products. I will ask questions, observe and write engaging blog posts that will drive people to you.


About Me

TEV WEB Marketing | Website Design in Squamish, BC

Hi there! Welcome to my multimedia portfolio. I’m Tania Elizabeth Veitch, a freelance digital content creator specializing in web design, writing and commercial photography.

I first began designing websites over a decade ago. My passion for creative mediums led me, first, into the world of Photoshop, and then to the Web Design and Animation Program at the University of the Fraser Valley where I graduated with honours.

WordPress is my current working platform where I use a framework theme and customize it with HTML and CSS. I continue to work with Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator and other creative mediums such as photography, video, animation, and writing to give websites, social media profiles and other design materials that special touch.

I create high quality professional marketing material that attracts the attention of discerning customers bringing you higher conversion rates.




I customize websites in WordPress using the Divi framework. I also give you a lesson so you can update the content yourself.


I code with HTML and use it on a regular basis along with CSS to customize WordPress websites. I also tutor in HTML and CSS.


CSS is the language that HTML understands in order to display the unique design of a website. I use CSS to customize your site.


From news articles and press releases to blogging and content development, I’ve written in many different styles.


I photograph using a Nikon SLR, high-quality lenses and a flash set-up for indoor lighting conditions.


Need a brochure, logo or business cards designed? I’m trained in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.




Explore Niche Places

Whether you are a small unique business or a larger lifestyle brand that has tapped into a cool niche, you may be interested in an experiential marketing review and commercial photography. Right now, I am offering photography and reviews for businesses that fit Explore Niche Places, a lifestyle blog that focuses on the amazing gems that exist on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands.

Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements.
Napoleon Hill

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